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When I started my project, as a hobby, my goal was really simple – to make a device for myself

And I achieved my goal.

Next step, when I decided to turn my hobby into a commercial project, and I had to organize a few presentations and photosessions, I have came to the obvious conclusion – females are much more photogenic, also on a video they look better, and get much more attention / viewings, than the man. 

So I had to build the device for female ( slightly different size and proportions, due to anatomic differences )

And now – time for the last part of the puzzle.


I have already drawn a new generation of my device. Faster, slightly smaller, more sleek design. 

But this is not going to impress anyone at the age of 8 to 15

Something much more sophisticated will be needed. And I think I can do it. 

I can change layout of outriggers, and the way they are connected to the main body. 

A bit of paint, and a bit of artificial fur.

As the result, I may achieve something really exciting. 

The device will look like spider. 

Just a few examples why spiders are cool. 

1. Spiders are generally scary.

2. Spiders scary girls.

3. Spiders look like a Spiderman, which is really cool. 

Nobody can deny those facts

The other idea is something reminding ships from star wars. 

There is a smal problem here. I am sure those two ideas are going to be appreciated by boys, 

But  I am not completly sure if girls will like it. 

Somehow, I will have to find out what is cool in young females world

Hello kitty ? pocahontas ? butterflys ?

Anyone can help me ??!


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