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Run. Running. Running on water. Running On Water. ROW. Rowing ?

Sounds really good, I quite like the name. I just need to check it doesn’t collide with any other known sports / activities, and be ready to register this catchy name before somebody else does!

Starting with social media, I noticed that each platform is somehow categorised, and used for different purposes: 

Instagram is all about visual presence, beautiful people and sceneries

Twitter for more serious topics / conversations 

Facebook mhmm recently, mostly for conspiracy theories, like flat Earth, anti vaccine movement, right wing groups… generally a freak show.

And I am definitely not ok with Mark Zuckerberg’s point of view, he thinks that it’s okay to publish every single piece of bullshit, calling it a ‘freedom of speech’.

I might delete my Facebook account later, we will see. 

Anyway, this leaves me with my news section, where I write about the future. 

The future of walk on water activities is really clear – running on water. It’s a part of human nature. 

Since ancient times we want everything to be faster, higher or longer. And it’s a competition, we need to compete! We want competitors, we want to win. Or at least, do everything that we can. 

You cannot argue with human nature so developing was a struggle, here is what I have done so far to help innovate our designs:

Concept number 1: 

I first started with two poles and let’s start with the obvious – they were working 🙂

But, the result was not that spectacular. Normally, my device can reach 4 mph, with the two poles reaching 6-7 mph… the difference is not groundbreaking, 

I was slightly disappointed about these results. Very light carbon fibre tubes, carbon fibre poles, approx 8 liters of volume times the speed at the end of the pole… on paper it looked good. I was expecting more. 

Anyway, water can be a bit unpredictable sometimes…

Concept number 2:

Energy recovery system, it looked really cool – two rotors interconnected, when you push one leg, the rotor pushes the other leg.

I will save you the details – not efficient enough.  

To be honest, I didn’t really notice any difference with speed which made me really disappointed due to the fact that it looked soo cool !

Classic steampunk. 


Concept number 3: (third time lucky)!

I had a lot of free time this Summer. Like everyone, probably. I spent this time studying all available mechanisms. And when i saw it – i knew it, this is the one. 

And it worked, even better than i thought it would.

Still, a lot of work is needed – it has to be lighter and i need to modify the body of ski to cope with additional tension.

Due to the planned patent protection I cannot say anything else about this development 🙂

Apart from…

YOUPPI !!! :-)))

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