Bad time, good results

By December 28, 2017November 21st, 2020Floatski

To be honest I had no plans to do anything with Floatski, I mean any technical improvements, at least not at the moment – end of the season, almost winter.

But most important, I’ve had enough of headaches with all the documents I need to prepare, as a part of the process in applying for SEIS status. Business plan not comprehensive enough, a lot of data to find, cashflow, P&L’s and break even analysis. Definitely, not my strong point.

But, accidentally, in a shop, I found poles (nordic walking), at a really good price, just few pounds in the off-season sale. The basic aluminium type, ideal for my purpose. That irresistible feeling, I had to buy them.

As a result, on a cold Monday at the beginning of December, with a strong wind, a bit of rain and a model, my friend, actually, who firmly refused to take his winter jacket off.

I guess Armenia must be pretty warm country.

I’m sure it will look less sport/dynamic, but I cannot complain too much. I called few friends, and only A.S. was willing to help me.

We didn’t have enough of time to work on details, eg movement of his hands, how to position arms, coordination with legs, when it suddenly started to rain very heavily.

Actually, I shouldn’t even post this video. I had a different scenario in my head, I wanted to compare the speed of person walking on a pavement to Arman on a Floatski.

Normally I record everything, for strict technical reasons, easier to grasps all the details later. So this is only a technical video.

But most importantly, this was the first test, and everything worked the way I wanted. With poles, the Floatski is significantly faster, presumably, a bit faster than regular walking speed, it’s also more physically demanding with the co-ordination of arms and legs, for more experienced users.

See the link below:

Viewing this you will not understand why I’m so happy that everything was roughly OK, so here is another link to much earlier tests at the very beginning of this project. Less fortunate :-)



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